Frequently Asked Questions

Is your Touch Free Car Wash process safe?

Absolutely! We only use soap, water and paint sealers on your cars finish.
We have no brushes of any kind.
Also, we use biodegradable soaps and sealers that are specially formulated for cars.

What Touch Free process does your car wash use?

We have tried to use the best technology available at the time of construction, and have done various upgrades over the years.
The processes used at our locations are as follows:

Futura SSA by Specialty Equipment Co. (Boardman - East Midlothian)
Laser Wash M5 by PDQ Manufacturing (Boardman - Youngstown-Poland Road)
Laser Wash M5 by PDQ Manufacturing (Girard)
New Laser Wash by PDQ Manufacturing (Austintown)

We also provide self service hand wash bays at each location.

What credit and debit cards to you accept?

Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express

Are your Laser Washes easy to use?

Yes. After paying for your wash a signal prompts you to drive forward. It then tells you to stop when your car is in the proper wash position. You just put your car in park, sit back and wait for the hi-tech computer controlled wash process to be completed. When the signal prompts you to move forward again drive out slowly through the dryer.
That's all there is to it! Just drive in and out slowly.

Do you recycle water?

No. We use only fresh city water. We also further process the water to remove chlorine, hardness and dissolved solids.
The water used in the pre soak and first rinse Laser Wash cycles are also heated to improve the cleaning process.

What is acid rain and how does it affect my car's finish?

Emissions from chemical plants, industrial fallout, surface contaminants and other organic and inorganic materials are all components of acid rain. These pollutants are deposited on your car's surface as a dry dust. When the dust gets wet, however, from dew or rain or snow, you now have an acid mixture on your vehicle's paint finish. If this is left on your car for any period of time, especially if left in direct sunlight, etching may occur on the finish. Damage from acid rain can range from slight discoloration to pitting. Regular professional car washing can prevent any damage to your car, protecting not only the appearance, but also the value!

What do I do if I have a problem while using your car wash?

It is our highest priority to keep our car washes in top condition, however all mechanical systems malfunction on occasion. If you are not completely satisfied, please use a different bay if possible, then call or email us. We will do our best to resolve any problem to your satisfaction. Our contact information is posted at each location.

Why is using a Splash & Shine Laser Wash better than driveway washing at home?

Our Laser Wash process is fast, safe, thorough and it protects the environment.
The runoff from home washing pollutes our rivers and streams for more information:

What hours are you open?

We are open 24 hours per day 7 days per week 365 days per year.
Our facilities have good lighting and 24 hour surveillance for your protection.
The only time we close is for maintenance or during certain extreme weather conditions.


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